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Hurricane Watch 2017

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Check here for the latest storm tracking information. Be prepared to take measures to insure your safety. Check the Forecast boxes for the latest information. Use the Hurricane Buttons to check the latest Public Advisories from the National Weather Service on Atlantic Hurricanes and on Pacific Hurricanes.

Tropical Weather Discussion

Hurricane Tracking Maps

Atlantic Basin

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Atlantic Outlook

Pacific Basin

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Eastern Pacific Outlook

Click on the Storm Name Button To Read The Latest Public Advisories From The National Weather Service National Hurricane Center for Eastern Pacific Hurricanes


Central Pacific Outlook

Sea Surface Temperatures

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Model Maps

Atlantic Systems


Pacific Systems

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Warning: The tropical cyclone data presented here are intended to convey only general information on current storms and must not be used to make life or death decisions or decisions relating to the protection of property: the data may not be accurate. If you are in the path of a storm you should be listening to official information sources. The data presented at this site have no official status and should not be used for emergency response decision-making under any circumstances.

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

Category Pressure Wind Speed (knots) Wind Speed (mph) Surge (ft) Damage Level
TD ---- less than 34 less than 39 ---- ----
TS ---- 34 to 63 39 to 73 ---- ----
1 980 and up 64 to 82 74 to 95 4 to 5 Minimal
2 965 to 980 83 to 95 96 to 110 6 to 8 Moderate
3 945 to 965 96 to 112 111 to 129 9 to 12 Extensive
4 920 to 945 113 to 136 130 to 156 13 to 18 Extreme
5 less than 920 137 and higher 157 and higher 18 and up Catastrophic

Please read and follow these simple safety instructions for severe weather conditions.

Hurricane Safety Tips Hurricane Safety Tips When threatening weather approaches follow these simple tips to stay safe before, during, and after a Hurricane

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